The Power of ILEA, Insight from Dovie Lopez

When it comes to rising stars in the ILEA Denver event community, Dovie Lopez is quickly shooting to the top.  Her creative vision, industrious attitude, and enthusiastic leadership qualities have contributed to her success both professionally and on the ILEA board.  We asked Dovie to share how her involvement in ILEA Denver has impacted her event industry career.

Dovie722-web (2)From Dovie:

I have never had anyone care more about my professional career than the folks who belong to ILEA Denver. I was a college student when I was first introduced to the organization by my professor and advisor in 2008. She stressed the importance of building relationships to grow ones career in an ever changing events industry. People change positions, titles, and locations more in the events industry than any other profession, or so it seems to those of us who live it and breath it every day. It only took one ILEA meeting, one member, to provide one connection with one wedding planner and volunteering for one event, that helped turn me into the successful professional I have become today. The experiences and relationships I have made have led me to a full scholarship to ILEA Live (an educational conference in Seattle), to a career as a Hospitality Sales and Marketing Manager, and to over $24,000 in additional revenue in 2014. It may not seem like much to some, but to me it’s the best kind of everything. It’s trustworthy and low stress business deals, it’s a growing rolodex of creative partners, it’s industry knowledge and a safe place to learn as I continue to grow personally and professionally. It’s the power of ILEA.     

Dovie Lopez – Certified Wedding Planner

Hospitality Sales and Marketing Manager

South Suburban Parks and Recreation

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