Successful Business: Balanced Life

Successful Business: Balanced Life, sounds like the dream right? Going in to this morning chapter meeting I was not sure what to expect honestly. I knew Tami was a great speaker, but she is a business owner and I am not so could this really apply to me? Could living the dream really be possible after just one presentation? Could I actually get up early enough to be somewhere by 8:30am?

The answer to all of my questions is YES! Ok, if we are being honest the answer to being somewhere that early in the morning is only if I must. Tami explained that she doesn’t want to see anyone before 10am and neither do I, unless you have coffee.

As Tami started talking about her start in the industry I naturally started thinking about my time in the industry so far. At one point, she asked how many of us have thought “someday this will all pay off if I keep my head down and work hard.” or “some day I’ll make enough money… take a vacation…take a day off?” Then she said something that hit me, “And then sometimes those “somedays” never happen and you look back and 5 years, 10 years have gone by”.

Wait, what?! I thought the plan was to work hard and someday it will all just happen. As someone that has been in the industry for less than 5 years, that really made me think. I thought that this was just the hospitality industry: you work a lot of hours (on and off the clock) and you work toward your “someday”.

028_ilea_10_18Tami mentioned that we need to have a mind shift, and then she put it into perspective. Fortune 500 companies aren’t planning 5 years out anymore. Technology and the rest of the world are changing too quickly. There is no way to plan that far out so companies are focusing on the next year. What Forté Events does is set 90-day personal goals. That’s right, personal goals not traditional business goals. Their company works together to help each other achieve their personal goals each year.

A few more concepts brought out at this session:

When making decisions, ask yourself, do you love it? Are you good at it? Does it make you money? Do you dread going to work? Are you being challenged? If the answer to any of these is “no” it may be time for a change. Think of your natural abilities, and spend your time doing those. Do what you love and what you are good at. Even if you are not the business owner it is possible to focus your job on the parts that you love. Doing this will make you more successful in the long run. You have to decide what you want and find a way to incorporate it.

To write this post I thought I would go back and watch the stream again (thanks Streamtek!) just to get a few quotes. As I re-watched, I found myself nodding my head each time something resonated with me and I noticed that I was not the only one. You can actually see people engaging and connecting with Tami as she goes through her presentation. If somehow you made it through this blog but have not seen Tami speak, go watch her presentation from October! Business owner or not, it will change your life!

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