The Special Event 2015

HaajiraThe Special Event 2015
Guest Blogger: Haajira Lansana
ILEA Denver 2015 Scholarship Recipient

To kick off the New Year, I had the opportunity to attend The Special Event (TSE) in Anaheim, California.  Attending TSE with a scholarship provided by the ILEA Denver Chapter, I was able to participate in engaging workshops and sessions, view event design galleries with stunning décor, and network with my peers. 

My favorite part of TSE experience was the Open General Session, produced by Go West Creative Group.  Walking into the Marriott Marquis Ballroom you were introduced to a fun, vibrant setting with music, lights, and fellow attendees that had their hands in the air.  View the opening session.

Colette Calrson, the keynote speaker for the general session, provided a funny, insightful rendition into the crazy, but rewarding life of a professional in the events industry.

With many great sessions to attend I enjoyed sessions that covered the topics of event trends in 2015, mobile apps, and sponsorships.  During Michael Carbelli’s: The Host List 2015, he shared that a trend with décor is “bringing outside décor inside”.  Statement pieces such as large standing mirrors to accent a party is also a trend for 2015.

For the mobile app session information was presented on apps that could be used throughout our vast industry.  One app was “Fusion Flower” where you could look up seasonal flowers in your state; to “My Measurements and Dimensions” to help measure an event space.

In a session on sponsorships hosted by two college professors, they listed 5 phases of event participate where additional sponsorships maybe captured:

  1. Anticipation/Preparation
  2. Travel to
  3. Participation
  4. Travel back
  5. Recollection/recovery

New to TSE for 2015, was the Event Design Galleries that showcased many event designs for different occasions.  You can view all the creative designs by visiting the TSE 2015 Facebook page.

With three days of learning and fun, I cannot cover half of what I learned.  I will never forget this experience, and would like to thank the ILEA-Denver Chapter who made this opportunity possible.

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