Scholarship Available for TSE!




Deadline for Submission: Thursday November 19, 2015 at 11:59 p.m.

The International Special Events Society (ILEA) Denver Chapter is pleased to offer a scholarship for one (1) ILEA Denver non-student member to attend The Special Event (TSE) to be held in Orlando, Florida from January 12-14, 2016. Funds have been established to assist a member of the Denver Chapter of ILEA in their pursuit of educational opportunities within the special events industry. This scholarship will be judged anonymously by an ILEA chapter outside of the Western Region after an ILEA Denver Chapter Board Member checks information for accuracy. A winner will be announced upon approval of the ILEA Denver Board of Directors.

No chapter member may receive a chapter Scholarship Award more than once in three calendar years. An application for Scholarship Awards will be sent electronically to all current chapter members once per calendar year, or when there are sufficient funds to be able to offer the Scholarship. All applications will be collected by the ILEA Denver Scholarship Committee and will be reviewed by and voted on by current board members from another ILEA chapter (not the current ILEA Denver Board).

Application Period

  • Application period opens on Tuesday, October 27, 2015.
  • Application period closes on Thursday, November 19, 2015 at 11:59 p.m. (no late applications will be accepted).
  • Applicants will be contacted on their application status by November 27, 2015.
  • Scholarship winner will be announced to the Chapter at the December 2015 ILEA Denver Monthly Event.
  • Winner MUST register for TSE by December 2, 2015 to get “Early Bird” pricing.

TSE Scholarship Q&A

How will I receive my award for TSE?

  • The Award Recipient must purchase everything themselves, up-front (education package to TSE, airfare & hotel).
  • The award is limited to $1,000. Any expenses over that will be the sole responsibility of recipient.
  • Recipient will be reimbursed only after submitting an expense report and receipts to ILEA Denver Chapter. Note that this may take 30 days or more.

Can I give a co-worker my scholarship if I can’t attend/receive the cash value?

  • Scholarship can only be used for the 2016 TSE Conference (no cash value).
  • It is only good for the award winner named, the Scholarship will default to the runner-up if the Scholarship winner cannot attend for any reason.

What if I am a sponsor of TSE?

  • Recipient will only be reimbursed for conference costs approved by the Board of Directors.
  • Sponsors must present their sponsorship packages to the board for deliberation.

What is required of the Scholarship Winner after the conference?

  • Recipient will be required to write an article for the chapter’s communications channel. This article should outline things the recipient learned as a result of attending the conference.
  • Recipient will be required to speak briefly at an ILEA event to relay their educational experience to fellow members – and guests.

What if I’m a student member?

Student members are not eligible for this scholarship. There are other scholarships available for student members. Please inquire.

Who can I contact if I have questions about this opportunity?

Scholarship Criteria

  • Recipient must be a non-student member of the ILEA Denver Chapter and be a member in good standing at the time of the application, award and conference.
  • Recipient must be an “Active” member of the chapter. “Active” is described as being financially current with ILEA International and active with the chapter by participating in chapter programs, on chapter committees, as a current or past member of the Board of Directors, etc.
  • Recipient must have a committed interest in serving (or has served) on the ILEA Denver Board.
  • Recipient will be required to write an article for the chapter’s communications channels describing the benefits of their educational opportunity.
  • Recipient will be required to speak briefly at an ILEA membership meeting to relay their educational experience to other members.
  • Applicants must submit the APPLICATION FOR ILEA DENVER EDUCATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP – THE SPECIAL EVENT 2016 with a cover letter and optional two (2) letters of recommendation to and cc
  • Proof of attendance is required or the awarded monies shall be returned to the chapter.
  • Scholarship Award is up to $1,000 to be applied towards the following expenses in the order of priority shown here:
  • Conference “Full Education” Package Registration (early bird price is $725)
    Includes Education Package, Exhibit Hall, Opening General Session, Michael Cerbelli’s: The Hot List: 2016™, FCE event and the Gala Awards presentation. ALL other events and items, including SEARCH Foundation and Showcasing Events, are available at an additional charge.
  • Airfare Reimbursement
  • Hotel Reimbursement for the nights of 1/12/2016 and 1/13/2016 (nightly expense of about $185-$195 plus tax)

Please Note: The following events aren’t covered by this scholarship, but the award winner is encouraged to purchase on their own:

  • TSE Connects ($35 – Early Bird rate)
  • Opening Night Party ($150 – Early Bird rate)
  • Wedding Event ($175 – Early Bird rate)
  • Leadership  Lunch ($125 – Early Bird rate)
  • Closing Night Party ($150 – Early Bird rate)
  • SEARCH Foundation Party ($95 – Early Bird rate)


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