Michael Cerbelli’s The Hot List (TM) Coming to Denver!

Our Education & Programs team has really outdone themselves with the upcoming October 20th event, bringing in the renowned authority on event trends, Michael Cerbelli!

Check out his inspiring biography below and be sure to visit our REGISTRATION PAGE for all the event details.  This is one you won’t want to miss!The Hot List Promo PhotoMichael Cerbelli is the very definition of New York City events, setting the standards of excellence and creativity to which all others aspire. For 38 years, Michael has consistently raised the bar on event innovation and execution. And in the process, he has done more than change the paradigm of prestigious events – Michael has become the paradigm.

From New York to New Delhi, Los Angeles to London, Switzerland to St. Petersburg, Russia, the events designed and executed by this industry guru are legendary. It is this reputation, and the mind behind it, which made Michael Cerbelli the go-to producer for the weddings of (among others) Billy Joel, Robert De Niro and Sir Paul McCartney.

Michael’s storied history of celebrated, flawless triumphs made him the obvious choice to produce the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, the birthday party and New Years’ Eve celebrations for the King of Morocco, and a Cerbelli Signature event at the palace of Catherine the Great in St. Petersburg, Russia. Obviously, neither distance nor languages are barriers to a Cerbelli success.

Headshot 3 Michael CerbelliOne of Michael’s fortes, obviously, is the breadth of his style and events. One day you might find the ‘Cerbelli Touch’ on an arena-sized national event headlined by a top tier country artist. The next day Michael might be on the other side of the ‘country,’ literally, producing a sophisticated and intimate event featuring the latest in haute cuisine.  Michael does more than keep abreast of trends and styles—he stays ahead of them. And in doing so, he creates opportunities to leverage the latest in entertainment and fashion. For instance, with the popularity of celebrity chefs simply blowing up, Michael has created friendships and strategic alliances with such stars as Geoffrey Zakarian, Guy Fieri and Lee Anne Wong.

Michael’s tireless energy easily vaults the challenges native to large productions, providing his clients with peace-of-mind, unheard of in the world of full-scale events. His famously charismatic personality transforms challenging projects into cherished – and repeated – experiences. Partnering with Michael Cerbelli is more than business endeavor; it’s a personal relationship. Over the years, Michael has enjoyed dozens of long-term clients who return year after year because of their faith in him and their desire to add the ‘Cerbelli Touch’ to cherished events. It’s more than business for Michael Cerbelli.

Event professionals across the country also know the name Michael Cerbelli, many due to the indelible mark on the event industry made by his classic creation, “Michael Cerbelli’s: The Hot List™”.   This incredible presentation has become a ‘can’t miss’ annual event in and of itself.  In “The Hot List™,” Michael takes the hottest, newest and most inspiring event and entertainment insights and showcases them for the industry in a breathtaking 90 minute, head-spinning romp. A word of advice; have your espresso ‘on board’ and don’t blink, you might miss something!

With “The Hot List™,” Michael identifies fresh trends in the ever-changing marketplace and previews acts and innovations for enhanced experiential marketing. “Michael Cerbelli’s: The Hot List™” is more than an education in the direction of event production, it is Michael’s way of giving back to the industry which has given him so much.

10906187_750152781721044_7913379241647287444_nIt’s been said that how ‘The Hot List™’ goes, so goes the industry. In fact, the ‘List’ has become such a staple in the profession that it draws thousands whenever and wherever it appears across America — from Michael’s home base of New York City to the recent audience of 3,000+ a continent away in Anaheim, California. Michael himself has even become ‘the event within the event,’ posing for pictures with fans even as he orchestrates the magnificent happening. In addition to his efforts with “The Hot List™”, Michael supports many industry organizations including the International Special Events Society (ILEA), Meeting Planners International (MPI), The SEARCH Foundation, and Event Professionals Take Action (EPTA), just to name a few.

But all that doesn’t mean Michael’s focus on producing innovative events has changed; his phone continues to ring and he continues to create. In addition to his regular client book, Michael partners with nationwide event powerhouse Go West Creative Group via “Michael Cerbelli Signature Events,” to design and stage relevant, awe-inspiring experiences from coast-to-coast and internationally. Michael Cerbelli isn’t slowing down; he’s just getting started.

Celebrity Chef Geoffrey Zakarian’s fame comes from his ability to combine disparate seasoning and spices together to create masterpieces. Michael Cerbelli creates masterpieces by bringing together acts of different flavors and textures, and creating out of them something immeasurably greater than the sum of the individual artists and groups. These on-stage “mashups” are wowing audiences around the United States.

Recently Michael enjoyed a triumph in his ‘mashup’ of the “The Broadway Dolls” and “The Company Men.”  After performing individually, the two groups joined each other on stage for a truly ‘grand’ finale. The standing ovation began before the music ended.

At another event, Michael created the ambitious mashup of “Cirque Mechanics,” “Extreme Beam,” “String Angels” and “Champagne Creative Group;” a combined act that brought the house down and the audience to their feet. Michael remains the face of innovation and excitement in events in the U.S. and around the world.

If the event industry teaches anything, it teaches us that it takes big personalities to do big events – personalities as big as the events themselves. And Michael Cerbelli is that person; larger-than-life, charismatic and in charge.

Click here to learn more about Michael Cerbelli: The Hot List 2015 (TM)

Headshot 5 Michael CerbelliBio courtesy of Go West Creative

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