Member Spotlight–Stacy Horn

Stacy Horn Member SpotlightStacy Horn, Event Planner & Marketing Associate

JA Special Events 

Member Since:   January 2012
ILEA Committee Participation:  Membership (Guest Hospitality)     Programs and Education (Secretary)

How did you discover your passion? For Stacy Horn with JA Special Events, she found a certain “thrill” in working special events as a part-time catering staffer with a small Michigan venue. “The intensity of happy emotions, the laughter on a lively dance floor, and the comradery of our team mopping the kitchen floor on hands and knees at midnight was somehow addicting.”

Stacy’s next “foray” into special events was working at an historic inn on Mackinac Island as a front desk agent. “It was a lot of fun checking in wedding guests as they stepped off the horse-drawn carriage that transported them half an hour from the boat dock to our mansion atop a lakeside bluff.”

Stacy’s creativity and a hint of her “décor future” started early on in her life. She shared a story of one of her proudest life moments:  When she won “a sleek little Kodak (film) camera for a science fair project which featured pastel shades of mini-marshmallows on toothpicks in the general shape of a double helix.” (Hmmm…Toothpicks, colored marshmallows, double helix…look it up if you don’t know…sounds like décor to me.) Then, a few years after acquiring her Kodak camera, she embarked on her biggest adventure…marriage. “While I can’t claim to be entirely accomplished in marital dynamics, I would say it is the most rewarding of my life endeavors.”

The promise of “a winter of free skiing” motivated Stacy and her husband to leave Michigan for Colorado. “I gained even more experience in lodging, venue sales, and event setup at Snow Mountain Ranch (YMCA of the Rockies) and had a chance to perfect my stem christi’s. This experience (my event experience, not the skiing) eventually led to a Wedding Sales Manager position at Devil’s Thumb Ranch where I gained an appreciation for excellent food, wine, and the general intricacies of Banquet Event Orders (BEO’s).”

Last May, Stacy joined the JA Special Events team as a marketing and event planning associate.  “I’ve made great technological advances in acquiring Facebook and Instagram accounts, now have a workable knowledge of Word Press, and am proud to have launched our business blog.  More importantly, I’ve gained the opportunity to work more closely with couples as they plan and live out their wedding day.  That’s the most rewarding aspect of special events planning to me.”

I asked Stacy about her proudest professional accomplishment, to which she coyly replied, “I am still working on this, but I’m fairly confident great things will be accomplished in the next thirty years, providing all undercover plans develop as envisioned.” Once I quit laughing a more serious replied came forth, “I honestly consider it a great accomplishment to maintain a calm and cheerful demeanor in the face of wedding day and planning drama.”  Well put!

When it comes to being part of ILEA, “I know the monthly events, committee participation, and follow up coffee or happy hour meetings help me to grow my own understanding and skills as a wedding planner so I can serve my clients even more effectively.” Stacy loves being part of the Membership Committee’s Hospitality Team. “It’s fun and interesting contacting guests before and after each event, greeting them at the event, and then helping them make meaningful connections with other member attendees.”

Anyone who has met or worked with Stacy knows just how helpful and genuine she is. When I asked her what she thought her greatest strength as an event professional was, she replied softly:  “prompt and friendly communication.” She followed up, “by respecting my clients’ concerns and answering their questions in a timely manner, I develop a trusting relationship. That relationship enables us to enjoy the planning process, encounter challenges together, and minimize the potential drama a wedding day can bring.  For me, communication starts with listening then developing a passion for the client’s vision so I can do my best to make their dreams come true.”

Stacy can be found prior to our ILEA Monthly Meetings greeting members and their guests.  Alternatively, she can be reached by telephone at 989.289.1941 or through email at

Stacy’s 5 Answers:

  1. How fast can you run a mile? “Slower than anyone I ran against in track. I always made a point to sprint at the beginning so I could be ahead of everyone for a moment, just to know what that felt like.  I don’t think I was too disappointed when I sprained my ankle until I discovered I was no better at shot put or discus.  After that season, I think I conceded my athletic dreams for science projects.”
  2. What did you have for breakfast?  “One bite of pancake.  That was before I saw the heavenly raisin walnut cookie leftover from my vendor meal at the JW Marriott last night.  I put the pancake down and at the cookie with sighs of pleasure.”
  3. How many hat’s do you own?  “Eleven.  I downsized last year”
  4. Pepsi or Coke?  “Coke.  Unless, of course, there is an option for the nutty mocha from Ink, a white chocolate raspberry mocha from Starbucks, a salted caramel mocha from Starbucks, or a fancy mocha with a heart swirled in from The Source.  I’m not that picky when it comes to caffeine in mocha form.  But coke is nice, too.”
  5. How do you prepare for the Zombie-Apocalypse?  “I rely heavily on my husband’s expertise for this.  He takes it rather seriously and has strong opinions on the matter.  I’m sticking with him.  I hope he doesn’t get bitten.”





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