Member Spotlight: Miriam Laws

We’ve had a number of new members join the ILEA Denver chapter in the past couple months and we’re excited to begin introducing you to them!  We asked one of our newest members, Miriam Law, to fill out a fun questionnaire and we think you’ll enjoy learning more about her below.  We’re also happy to have Miriam on our communications team!197-960-321_2yk6_109 - Copy

Miriam Laws, Student at University of Denver

Quick snapshot:  I am currently a freshman at the University of Denver. I am undeclared at the moment but would like to major in hospitality management with a concentration in event management, and a double minor in psychology and marketing.

How did you get involved in special events?  When I was 15, I planned my little sister’s bat mitzvah.  When planning this event, I chose her invitations based on what she wanted the colors to look like. I also found a venue, hired a DJ, found a photographer, bought props for the photo booth, found a caterer, and sent out the invitations. In this whole process I had a blast and it was a really fun and enjoyable experience that made me want to continue it.  

Describe in 3 sentences what you do best as an event professional.

1. Listen to what the client really wants. Make sure that the event is everything they want it to be and more. Exceed their expectations.

2. Get the best result for the best price. For my sisters bat mitzvah since I was a member at the venue we got a discount. Also the DJ did my bat mitzvah so he gave us a discount.

3. Appreciative and organized. Make sure to appreciate everyone who puts in effort and gets things done in an organized fashion.

A few fun questions:

Without looking for a recipe, what ingredients go in a chocolate cake?
(We think she might have made a chocolate cake or two based on this answer.)

Flour, oil, eggs, chocolate powder, vanilla extract, baking soda, baking powder, sugar, salt

What’s the best advice anyone ever gave you?

The best advice someone has given me was to focus on myself and my own health rather than focusing on everyone else. Put yourself first is the best advice someone has given me.   

What did you have for breakfast?

For breakfast I ate brown rice cakes that are organic and lightly salted.    

How many hats do you own?

Typically, I do not wear hats but since moving to Denver I have gotten a number of beanies for the winter. I own 5 beanies but no other hats.   

Where would you like to travel?

I would really like to travel to Australia because I love the ocean and the beautiful scenery. One of the things on my bucket list is to go great white cage diving and in Australia that is supposed to be one of the best areas. In general I would just like to go somewhere that has beautiful water and adventures. 

Thank you for sharing your great answers, Miriam!  We’re glad to have you as part of ILEA Denver and now as part of our communications team.

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