Member Spotlight: Bruce Gilson, Event Tech AV



Bruce Gilson of Event Tech AV is one of our newest ILEA Denver members and we asked him to share a little about his company and himself.


Bruce GilsonTell us about your company and what your role is.
Event Tech AV is an Audio Visual Technology company specializing in live events and permeant event spaces. We work with top brands to provide excellent technical solutions. We are a full service AV company bringing together Audio, Video, Lighting and Rigging into one integrated system for one cohesive look and feel across all areas. By providing one point of contact for all AV needs we reduce miscommunication and potential over billing due to overlapping scopes. We also use industry leading communication tools and technology to keep everyone on the same page and reduce the overall stress for our clients. Whether you need Equipment, Labor, Drawings, Rendering, or Collaboration we have solutions for you.

I am the owner of Event Tech AV and I have been serving the event world for 10+ years.

How did you get involved in special events?
I started in theater but early in my career I worked for a large mega-church in Texas. After creating portable AV systems, building out permeant locations and running a large event space for weekend services, live concerts, and corporate events I transitioned into running an AV company in Austin, TX. We worked with the countries top names from Mary J Blige to the Pope, from Anheuser Bush to Samsung, but the Colorado Mountains never stopped calling my name. That is why I have decided to relocate to Colorado and start this new adventure.

Describe in 3 sentences what you do best as an event professional.
My number one goal is to understand what is driving the client and how they define success for the event or event space. Then I work with all parties involved to create a cohesive Audio, Video, Lighting, and Rigging design that fits the client, event and budget. Once we agree on what we are creating then we execute to perfection, this approach is what my clients say separates me from others in my industry.

Without looking for a recipe, what ingredients go in a chocolate cake?
Baking Soda

What’s something that no one knows about you?
My Natural Hair Color

What’s the best advice anyone ever gave you?
You can learn anything, stay calm, stay focused and use all your resources until you figure it out.

How fast can you run a mile?
At one point in life under 6 minutes… Now, I’ll let you use your imagination

What did you have for breakfast?
Coffee, A Banana, and Yogurt with Granola (I just so happened to eat breakfast today, normally it is coffee until lunch).


We appreciate Bruce taking time to share with us!  If you are an ILEA Denver member and would like to be featured on the blog, contact our VP of membership, Dovie Lopez at

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