ILEA Denver University 2016

I don’t know about you but going back to school was always exciting. Getting to see old friends and learn new things, who wouldn’t want to get back to7178-050
school?! Well that feeling would last about the first week and then I was ready for vacation again. Now, all grown up we had the chance to get the best of both worlds with the fun and excitement of going back and seeing familiar faces plus the intrigue of just scratching the surface of a new subject. ILEA University was just like that first week! Summer has kept all of us busy and away from our friends so as everyone arrived we naturally ended up by the lockers catching up before class.

7178-057As we reminisced looking at old photos of members in the lockers we looked towards the present and posed for our “School IDs” with Fun Productions Get Flipped. With our new IDs we could throw out those boring standard sit and smile pictures and create their own unique takeaways. As an ode to decorating lockers and signing yearbooks everyone was able to draw on lockers.


One of the great things about going back to school as an adult is that this time around not only do you avoid cafeteria 7178-214
food and instead have an amazing meal prepared by Elevated Catering but it is also paired with beers provided by Great Divide Brewery. A great spin on most people’s favorite class, lunch, and educating members created an environment where for once no one wanted to leave school.

-Emily Ettinger, Fun Productions




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