Get Involved

Serve on a Committee

Get involved and enhance your membership by meeting great industry peers and developing strong relationships on our committees!

Below is brief description of the structured ILEA – Denver Chapter committees and who to contact to get more involved.

Education & Programs Committee:  Do you want to be part of something bigger? Then join the Education and Programs Committee and learn the event industry! Meet and learn from other event professionals, experience industry trends, grow your professional network, learn how to plan and gain event experience. You will be viewed as an event leader amongst peers. We are looking to fill many new positions: Sponsorship Chair, Lunch and Learn Chair, Designer and Fundraising Chair. This committee meets once a month for 1 ½ hours and asks 2 to 5 hours per month of your time outside of monthly meetings. Better to give than to get!  This committee reports to the VP of Education & Programs — Maggie Glass,

Membership Growth & Retention Committee: If you’re interested in networking and getting to know people in the events community, then this committee is for you. ILEA Denver is growing at a very fast pace! This committee meets monthly for about one hour. We reach out to prospective members and current members throughout the month. One method of outreach is the Buddy System, by which we call members to share upcoming events and important news. In addition, we hold orientation meetings for new members just prior to the monthly meetings to aquatint our new members with ILEA and its benefits.  The monthly time commitment may be two to five hours per month. This committee is lead by the VP of Membership, Tami Forero, 

Student Membership: This committee serves our student member population in various ways. They coordinate outreach and recruitment through college fairs, classroom presentations, flyers & college sponsor meetings. They answer questions about student membership benefits. They manage two student scholarships, including the judging process. The committee also organizes an annual internship and job fair, connecting students with ILEA corporate members looking for strong candidates.. The committee meets monthly and meets with colleges about three times yearly. The volunteer coordination requires approximately three hours per month. 

Communications Committee:  This committee helps put together the monthly newsletter, meeting PowerPoint, social media posts and updates the website.  This committee typically meets about 6 times a year and the time commitment is 1 to 3 hours per month.  This committee is lead by the VP of Communications, Laney Hall,

Awards & Recognition Committee: This committee is responsible for the IDEA award submissions and judging process. This committee also coordinates the Annual Dinner as well as special projects when we apply for an award as a chapter.  The time commitment is 4-6 hours a month, primarily during April & June as the Annual Dinner approaches.

Scholarship Committee: This committee coordinates the scholarships available to our corporate members. These scholarships are awarded to members in order to help them grow professionally. They’re typically earmarked for special events educational conference and travel fees. This committee coordinates the application and judging process.