Event Technology: Will This Define Success in 2016? — Losberger

This week we’re sharing an interesting infographic from Raine Parker as published in Losberger on the topic of Event Technology.  From Raine,

Will the success of events in 2016 depend on technology?

Event professionals, businesses and individuals across the globe are adopting new technologies to plan and create events that astound attendees, improve engagement and complement their marketing strategies. While mobile event apps, live streaming and social media have established themselves as the most popular forms of technology in the event industry, new innovations like cashless payment systems, online staffing and audio beacons have the potential to bring exciting developments in 2016. The below infographic, created by Losberger, tries to find out whether technology will define the success of events in 2016.


Event Technology is developing and defining the way we plan and create events in brand new ways.Many event professionals are still catching up with the new trends in the industry and aren’t implementing these new tools.But several others have taken to the idea…Many event professionals, businesses and individuals have been adapting to these new technologies…


via Event Technology: Will This Define Success in 2016? — Losberger

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