Call for Nominations!

The Denver Chapter Board of Directors is open for Nominations!

It is time to begin the election process to choose those leaders who will guide and direct the ILEA Denver Chapter for the next 12 months, beginning on July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019.

In accordance with our Bylaws and election guidelines, the Nominating Committee sends this “Call for Nominations” and Application to you to encourage you to nominate for consideration any individual who you feel would be an asset to the ILEA Denver Chapter in a leadership position, including yourself!

Please review the nomination election guidelines below. We urge you to respond on the form that follows. The deadline for nominations is February 26, 2018.

Please take advantage of this opportunity to give input to the Nominating Committee.

Please return the Nomination Form to ILEA Denver President Dovie Lopez via email at, or fax 303-799-0757

DEADLINE FOR RETURN: February 26, 2018

Learn about the open positions here!

2018-2019 Elections


1. Any voting member of ILEA, whose dues are current, may place into nomination the name(s) of any member in good standing, including him/herself, to serve as an elected Officer or Director of the Chapter. Student members are not eligible.

2. Each Director is elected for a two-year term, and each Officer serves a one-year term. Chapter-in-Formation Officers will serve two years.

3. Members of the Board of Directors and Officers must attend all chapter meetings and Board meetings. Bylaws state only 3 fiscal absences allowed with prior approval from executive leadership team.

4. The Officer positions being elected for the one-year term beginning in July 2018 are: President, President-Elect, VP of Membership, VP of Education/Programs, VP of Communications

5. In addition,7 Directors at Large positions are open, whose two-year terms begin July 1, 2018 are also being slated at this time.

6. Please find enclosed a copy of the official election calendar and procedures.

7. To place a member’s name into nomination, please complete the enclosed Nomination/Application Form and return it to ILEA Denver President Dovie Lopez via email at or fax 303-799-0757

Here is a quick schedule of upcoming dates of importance:

February 12 Nominations open

February 26 Deadline for receipt of Nominations/Application Form to Chapter President.

March 12 The Chapter Nominating Committee contacts all nominees informing them of their nomination and sends Nomination Acceptance Forms to nominees

All candidates must be confirmed as a full member in good standing to hold an office of the International Live Events Association.

March 26 ILEA Headquarters notifies Chapter Nominating Committee on state of slate or ballot (approved/denied)

March 30 Nominating committee sends nominations to membership.

April 13 Deadline for receipt of petitions to the slate for Officer or Board positions. If no petitions are received, elections are final (for slate elections only) *.
* Inform your prospective nominees their election is confirmed.

April 13 Deadline for members to return the Official Election ballot to the Chapter Nominations Committee (For ballot elections only) *.
* Inform your prospective nominees their election is confirmed.
* Send ILEA headquarters your Chapter Roster in the 11_Board Roster Template 2018-2019.xls

July 1 New ILEA Chapter Board Members take office

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