Building on Business Relationships

I met Brit Bertino 3 years ago when I attended my first Catersource.  Her session had to do with event planning, business, branding (3 years ago is a lifetime, so bare with my memory :)).  I choose her session then, not knowing that I had an entrepreneur flame underneath the Sales Planner in me.  I loved her energy and how she created her brand with her companies.  I decided after the session, that I had to ask her a question and that I needed to be her friend!!  I don’t even remember the question I asked her, but all I knew was that I was inspired!

In my first year as the VP of Education & Programs I knew as our committee was planning the year that I wanted to bring Brit to Denver.  Unfortunately we were not able to make it work with schedules, but I didn’t stop there.  We became friends on social media and started supporting each other from a far.  I attended more conferences and when able, always made sure to support her and go to her session if she was speaking.

As I went into my 2nd year of VP I was still determined to bring Brit to speak to our chapter.  Once again, with wanting to change some events and bring more education to our schedule, it made sense to have her come.  Our committee and board agreed and the rest is history!

Having Brit speak to our chapter and talk about luxury weddings and trends was amazing and inspiring.  Brit posted a few pictures on her Facebook page and seeing all the comments from the event and how great it was to have her, I couldn’t be more proud of Denver!  We are on trend, we are being seen, and in the next few years Denver will be in the top 5 places for food, events, and to be in general!!!

Not only has Brit inspired me with my own business, but knowing that she has inspired our chapter.  I already want her to come back for another engagement


-Donnah Phipps

VP of Programs and Education


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