5 Favorite Networking Tips from Splendor for your Guests

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Nil is one of the most friendly and welcoming people in ILEA Denver, a talented and visionary entrepreneur, and an inspiring event professional.  We’ve borrowed some practical networking advice from her blog post, 5 Favorite Networking Tips.  Enjoy!

5 of Splendor’s networking tips that have changed how we meet people.

  1. Stand Alone. If it’s too intimidating to approach a group, simply create your own! Contrary to popular belief, standing alone can create some interesting magnetic connections between people. Just remember to stay approachable. When people see you alone, they will want to “rescue” you, creating conversation! It takes guts to try this, but give it a shot!
  2. Work in the hotel lobby. Have some downtime, but need to catch-up on work? What better place to check email than the busiest place at a conference! We bet you’ll see someone you know and often they’ll introduce you to their friends! On the other hand, if you have serious work to do, don’t do this! You won’t get anything done – take our word for it!
  3. Stay late. Don’t rush out when an event wraps up. Often times, people will chit-chat either at the venue or move to another area (like the hotel lounge). Head there! That’s when the best conversations happen!
  4. Lend a hand. Get involved in industry or related non-profit associations. You’ll meet some great people while you help others. If you can’t volunteer long-term, consider just helping at a networking event. Stay late and help with tear-down. You’ll show off your skills while getting sweaty with strangers. It makes for the beginning of a memorable friendship. Trust us!
  5. Follow-up! Look up your new contacts online. Search for them on all of your social media outlets. Be sure to include a personal message when you request a connection. Also, definitely let them know if you’re going to be in their area in the future – maybe you could meet up for coffee, lunch or happy hour.

Please comment with your favorite tips. We’d love to hear them!

Splendor’s Owner & President, Nil, networking at a Denver ILEA event.

Photo courtesy: Allee Photography


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